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    We are Street Boss and we bring delicious, mouth watering food to Sydney. We offer a variety of different Mediterranean style food items on our menu, each delicious and flavoursome. We offer a catering service that caters to: Private celebrations, Weddings, Festivals, Sporting events, Much more.. Our head chef Muzzy has always had a passion for cooking barbecue, he loved trying different things and incorporating different ingredients that would make his barbecue taste better. His wife, Dee, has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality business. Together they decided to share their love and passion for food with others, so they started Street Boss. They specialise in lamb & chicken BBQ LIKE A BOSS EAT LIKE A BOSS

Our recommendations


3 marinated char grilled skewers of your choice, tomato salad, onion salad, cabbage salad warm pita bread and chips with your choice of sauce. (Lamb or Chicken)


Choice of marinated char grilled lamb or chicken on cheesy chips with your choice of sauce.


Marinated chicken, tomato salad, onion salad, cabbage salad wrapped in warm pita bread with your choice of sauce.

Whatever you choose

Be 100% sure, that our Food is entirely made of biological ingredients

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Did you know? We also provide super duper catering!

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